Fashion SS2016: A dip in the blue painting of Blue by Altea

Fashion SS2016: A dip in the blue painting of Blue by Altea

In the spring-summer 2016 collection The Mediterranean sky inspires the feminine wardrobe, while for him the iconic head is the "non-jacket" *

The union between contemporaneity and tradition, innovation and ancient roots is the distinctive feature of Altea, a textile brand with a long history, synonymous with quality and elegance. Since the 2000s, Altea He inaugurated the collections total look man and woman, transferring the know-how and the ten-year experience acquired in the production of scarves and ties, or in the printing of fabrics and in the matching of colors. And it is the game of combinations between garments and accessories, colors and fabrics to define the unmistakable character of the collections Altea, where it predominates that discreet luxury made of quality materials and simplicity of forms, with a pinch (but only a pinch) of eccentricity given by fantasies, prints and colors.

For spring-summer 2016, the Altea man is a contemporary gentlemen who loves casual chic. Head-icon of the collection is in fact the knit jacket, soft and unstructured in shapes, contemporary in style. A jacket easy to wear, designed to be worn by the desk at dinner, that is for all occasions of the day. In solid color, maybe in a dazzling white tropical or cut from navy blue and sugar paper; or striped, in micro-prints with optical effect or in geometrical and graphic fantasies, it has a soft and material hand, with effects of depth and three-dimensionality obtained by coupling technical and natural yarns. Clutches, ties and bandanas are the most Altea It offers to those who, playing with colors and shapes, want to defuse and/or give a personal touch to their look. See the T-shirt, transformed into a transversal accessory and absolutely glamorous.

The difference makes the fabrics, designed to be exclusive: Jersey alternating with firm fabrics, armoured, drawn, jacquard; But they can not miss cottons, linens and silk as befits the hot season. The colors evoke the summer: from deep blue to full white, but in the family of colors there are also the most tenuous green mint, pale pink, salmon and blue water (to give refreshment also to the look) and the lands, warm and exotic, like Brown, Orange and mastic .

"Think Blue!" is, instead, the imperative of the women's collection. It is the Mediterranean blue, that of our seas, calm and deep, and that of our bright and dazzling skies to interpret the feminine wardrobe. A blue declined in different shades, from denim to Navy, coming to blue, which combined with shades of Grey, offers an easy to wear style. But the sophisticated woman Altea It does not disdain the complicity of new chromatic families, versatile and chic, like the coral (in solid colour, but also in geometric and floral prints), like neutral colors with just a touch of lime (for a bright and energetic look, perfect for the summer) and , above all, as the inevitable black and white, simple and versatile, here presented in squares, irregular lines, graphic flowers.

As for the man collection, to do it as master are fabrics and fresh and natural fibres (cotton, linen, silk), designed for revised volumes, trapezoidal shapes and geometrical cuts: wide and soft lines, elegant and at the same time casual, which immediately make you want In the summer.
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