Jeans, knit, shirt and sneakers: look from home jobs

Jeans, knit, shirt and sneakers: look from home jobs

After years of honored service, the old kitchen retires and there is to ritinteggiare the walls: The look from home jobs is comfortable but not scruffy.

They announce at least two weeks of fire, if not three. Because when you start working in the house you know when you start, but not when you finish. For the occasion, the look from home jobs is composed of jeans, knit, shirt and sneakers. Comfortable and versatile clothing.
After many years of honored service our old kitchen is retiring: The old masonry gives way to a more modern and functional. With the occasion, we also laugh a tinted to the walls of the living area, which after a fifteen seem more gray than white and a cleaned up to the terracotta floor.

Look at home jobs
Nothing of that, in fact: it is not about great works, but in any case you have to remove objects, paintings, knick-knacks; Move the furniture to the center of the room; Cover the cover to avoid having to clean it up. The kitchen then must be completely emptied and between the start of the work and the installation of new furniture and appliances will spend at least a month. Which means that we have to give up good delicacies: Luckily we have a small makeshift kitchen on the lower floor, but at most we can prepare a plate of pasta with gravy and a fried; Nothing more elaborate. no oven; No dishwasher, Minilavadino: I think we're going to hoard some paper plates.

Look at home jobs
Waiting for the arrival, Monday, of the workers, for us the work has already begun: emptying the furniture, moving chairs and tables; To secure the most delicate ornaments; Pile up half-house in one room. Also because my husband did not seem to take the opportunity to make a bit ' of changes to the furniture (is one who likes to change often). Great effort!
And moreover, the result (for now...) is a bare house, cold, cartons everywhere; It puts me a little sadness and discomfort: I'm used to having a house "full", colorful, with many paintings on the walls, many objects scattered here and there, many photos. A positive, optimistic house that reflects serenity and personality.

Look at home jobs
Look at home jobs

Patience. It is the price to be paid to renew the apartment; A little sacrifice knowing that after the House will be even more welcoming.

I am Wearing: Almeria Sweater; Banana Republic Shirt; 7 For All Mankind Velvet Jeans; Maje Sneakers.


Happy Weekend!
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