Red Passion/6: LK Bennett + French Connection + Fendi

Red Passion/6: LK Bennett + French Connection + Fendi

Every Friday a proposal outfit for the lovers of the red

Red Passion/6. How to wear a classic skirt, a brand that more British can not, so ironic!

 The red is fine, but, heck, a little irony! For the new appointment with Red Passion I started from the skirt, of a British brand that more classic you can not, to get to an OU
Tfit funny and unconventional. Suitable for a person who does not take himself too seriously: the skirt is soft and feminine silhouette, tight in life by a belt-ribbon (one of the tendencies that are emerging), while the T-shirt with the fake military insignia recalls a masculine taste, Reinforced by the black biker. The suede slippers bring back to the feminine, mind the bag removes any doubt about the ironic style of the look and the scarf adds more movement and panache. Let me know if you like!

Happy Weekend!

... and remember: Age does not matter

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