rinascente Tritone, a lost opportunity

rinascente Tritone, a lost opportunity

In Rinascente Tritone a big pile of super luxury brand. But what's the pro?

I wanted to write this article a few days ago, but I stumbled in the restructuring of the blog that is taking away many energies. is still work in progress, we hope it does not become the factory of St. Peter... The day of the inauguration, I went to see the new store Renascent Newt, opened in a pump Magna in one of the most central streets of Rome. Well yes, it seemed like a missed opportunity and I explain why.

The format

Nothing to say about the furnishings: elegant and simple, with marbles to Gogo. I also liked the choice to bet on a minimal sign, just visible above the windows. A gesture of respect for the elegant building that houses the new store. Also appreciated is the fact of having chosen via del Tritone, which is no longer a way of luxury. It has given way to chaos and city traffic. It is full of lowered windows, shops closed and the general aspect is of decay, although it is a stone's throw from the Trevi fountain: definitely deserves a raise.

For the rest, what about? The format chosen is all stuff already seen, really a pity given the economic investment of the operation that certainly must not have been minimal. All are present, but all-all, the brands of luxury (from Gucci to Prada, from Dior to Chanel, from Valentino to Saint Laurent to Jimmy Choo, with the prevalence of accessories (shoes, handbags and perfumes), the sectors that sell the most. But I did not understand the sense of ammucchiarli in this way. What should be the target of this new store? If I had a budget enough to spend 1,500 euros for a Gucci skirt, I would not go into the confusion of a department store, but in the short, discreet and elegant flagship stores, where I would certainly be pampered by kind orders.

Therefore, to the maximum, the customers of the Rinascente Triton can be the hasty and wealthy Chinese, Russian or Japanese tourists, who pass by on board the sightseeing coaches, attracted by the windows populated by high-sounding names.

Big crowded

The store is designed so that, as the plans go up, the price decreases. So on the upper floors (woman), are the same marks of the rinascente of Piazza Fiume (Maje, Max Mara etc.). To the confusion, one adds the fact that no square centimeter was left free. There are small stands of other brands (N21, Dries Van Noten etc.), with a few items, so attached to each other that, if you are not careful, you do not even realize you are looking at another collection. For absolute lack of space, it seems, will not even put the Christmas decorations... On the top floor the food market; Al-1 There is home furnishings, which you do not understand well what you have to do.

In so much abundance, you immediately notice what is not there: an original project. Could not, for example, reserve a little ' attention (and space) to the Italian creativity and the high craftsmanship of our house choosing original or emerging brands "true made in Italy"? There is but an embarrassment of choice. In this way the renascent Triton operation would have acquired a meaning. Missed opportunity, exactly.  What do you think of it?

via del Tritone

For those who do not know, Via del Tritone is the road that connects Piazza Barberini (where there is the famous Triton Fountain from which the street takes its name) with Largo Chigi and Via del Corso. Widened between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, it is a beautiful street of Umbertini palaces, which culminates in the Largo of the Triton arranged and made more modern after the demolitions for the tunnel Umberto I (opened in 1903, passes under the Quirinale): It is a square that you do Struggling to decipher because of the great confusion, the great traffic and the great noise. Yet it is pleasant, with its rounded and arranged blocks in radius and its imposing buildings, halfway between Renaissance and modern style (for example, the building where the messenger is located, the main Roman daily, is characterized by the use of Modern materials such as iron and glass). It would therefore be an elegant way (it was not that for the proximity to via Veneto), but, like the latter, it lost its enamel away.

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