Edenly create, the wedding ring is tailored

Edenly create, the wedding ring is tailored

From Edenly, a pioneer of jewelry online sales, a DIY tool to make the ring according to your own taste *.

The watchword, by now, is customizing. Especially in fashion and accessories. Tired of standardized products and that make us all the same, we do not want more than just "buy items", but live an experience that makes us dream and feel in some way unique, maybe pampered. Especially at a special time like the engagement or, above all, the wedding. Eden He must have presented these considerations well when he imagined Create, an innovative system of customization, indeed creation, of engagement rings and wedding bands.

3d Technology

Edenly Create

Already a pioneer of jewelry online sales, edenly makes another step towards the future. The platform created uses 3d technology and allows you to design in every detail your own engagement ring or your wedding faith, which will be so truly "tailor-made".

How do you do it? It's very simple. The platform is located on the site of Edenly and is in two sections: Wedding rings and engagement. The choice is almost complete and really allows you to create a unique jewel, according to your taste. The system, in fact, allows you to choose the type of Central stone (diamond, Sapphire, ruby, Emerald); The shape and weight of the central stone; The type of embedding; The presence or not of lateral stones and such; The color and carats of gold; The measure; The incision. Almost infinite combinations: the models imaginable are ten thousand!

In real time, as the jewel is composed, the system displays the price, while you can "explore" your work thanks to 3d technology: With the use of the mouse, you can rotate, turn and magnify the ring to see it in every detail. There is also a video demonstration and a live chat to satisfy any request or doubt. Completed the process and sent the order, the ring will be ready in three weeks.

Quality and competitive prices

The beauty is just that. Although it is a custom jewelry, Edenly manages to guarantee the same experience of buying the other jewels of the collections: qualitative standards; Possibility of replacement and return within 30 days; Competitive prices; Free shipping; Edits ala size; Two-year warranty.

All this thanks to a production process that has been rethought precisely to make it flexible and therefore allow the creation of original and unique models in a reasonable time without affecting the quality standards, which have always been a boast of edenly.

Thus, the traditional method of the die-cast wax has been replaced with that of direct casting: Thanks to the 3d printers, the laboratories directly obtain a perfect wax prototype that allows to process the final mould in which will be Cast the gold. Then, the jewel passes in the skillful hands of jewellers who, polishing and honing, give splendor and craftsmanship to the ring.


A beautiful revolution, in short, both on the side of the company and on the side of the customer, which, even more, becomes the fulcrum, the center of the production process. Something to which edenly has always placed a lot of attention, immediately starting from birth (in 2008), the objective of meeting the taste of the most with an offer of products wide and varied, as in a garden of Eden. But at the same time, ensuring a fun and informal shopping experience (and at competitive prices), to really allow everyone to indulge in a small, well-deserved luxury, at least in the special moments of life.

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