Loubitag, my first Louboutin shoes

Loubitag, my first Louboutin shoes

A Signature Collection (Spring-summer 2018) that embodies the spirit and philosophy of Louboutin: Loubitag, eyes and Hearts wide open. And stop selfie

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This year Santa Claus has really surpassed himself, bringing me a gift as unexpected as, as you can imagine, dreamed of: a pair of super-fantastic pumps of Christian Louboutin In the special edition called "Loubitag".

Open Eyes, open Heart.... and please, No selfies!


Loubitag Louboutin

Loubitag is a signature collection for spring/summer 2018, which includes shoes for both men and women, as well as handbags and wallets, embellished with designs personally made by Monsieur Louboutin. In my case, the designs are on white patent leather, but there is also the version in black. there are also silk, nylon, canva and embossed grain leather

Irony and cheerfulness

They are letters, words, messages that convey the unmistakable taste of Louboutin, its ironic, playful and cheerful spirit. It's not just his signature. There are also scribbles, Lucky Charms and secret notes, derived from conversations with his own (illustrious) customers. It is the invitation of Monsieur, in fact, to open eyes and heart. To look around. To discover the world, made of relationships with people, of comparison, of listening.

And so Loubitag becomes like a kind of guestbook open to the public, through which Louboutin tells 25 years of drawings through stories and emotions. With multicolor hearts, well-opened eyes and the request (explicit and sacrosanct) to abandon the selfie obsession, Loubitag embodies the spirit and philosophy of Christian Louboutin.

A dream come true

What about? To remain open-mouthed, as I remained when I pulled them out of the box. Because a couple of Louboutins are already a dream. But in the Loubitag version they are simply unparalleled. So witty, that I would wear them also to go shopping, not for the stiletto!

I must say thanks to my Santa Claus: that he was a person with great taste I already knew, but with this choice he shows to be able even to read in thought!

And with this that is probably the last post of 2017 I  wish you and your loved all the best and a happy 2018.

Me and my Louboutin

Happy New Year!


... and remember: Age does not matter


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    APR 10, 2018 Reply

    Beautiful! Excellent choice that denotes your good taste that stands out from the mass!

    • Posted by
      My English Mood
      APR 11, 2018 Reply

      Thanks Jeko!

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