Pitti Uomo, here is the special project Athlovers

Pitti Uomo, here is the special project Athlovers

Five selected brands that have made special collections in collaboration with REDA. At Pitti Uomo 93 Athlovers debuts.

Do you love sports? But own lovers lovers? Of those who would go around always wearing a gym suit? Or more simply you like to dress comfortably, without the constraints of jacket and tie? Well, for you it is opening a world of novelty. On which Pitti Uomo has turned on the spotlight with the project Athlovers, which debuted in Fortezza da Basso during the last edition of the Florentine Men's Fashion festival.

In collaboration with REDA (historian Lanificio Biella, for the first time at Pitti Uomo), some of the most significant brands of the sports/lifestyle panorama were selected, which for the occasion have created a collection using the technical fabric Of the Active REDA line.

But it must be said that Pitti Uomo does not today keep an eye on this which is now a consolidated trend. The sportswear, the sporty one for the athletes, is increasingly insinuating itself in the everyday life. A new lifestyle, in the sense of dress but also to face life, which therefore combines comfort, materials and fabrics highly performing, breathable, windproof and anti-rain, which wash and dry quickly, but at the same time elegant and Comfortable on the skin.

This is possible not only thanks to an innovative design and consolidated design techniques (designed to allow the athlete the maximum result), but also thanks to the use of noble materials such as wool. Naturally treated in order to be washable, which does not crease and, perhaps, does not iron.

Revolutionary wool

Wool, for example, is particularly fond of Arendt van Deyk, founder of Aeance (from AEsthetics, Ascetic and PerformaNCE) German brand of minimalist sportswear, but rigorous and sophisticated: «Great invention The wool – exclaims – able to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer!». Aeance combines the technical and functional aspect of sportswear with the elegance of dailywear, with a particular focus on ecology thanks to the use of recycled and renewable materials.

And if you're thinking, "Sin is a man's collection," quiet. In fact, these are collections designed to be worn by you and by him. As the sizes show, they also come to the XXS or the very feminine colors of certain garments. Wife and husband, owners of the American brand Isaora, to say, they exchange clothes regularly. On the other hand, the Metropolitan jungle puts a strain on everyone, regardless of the genre.

Urban Warriors

If those of Aeance are "metropolitan ninjas", to real urban warriors, City fighters, engaged in the daily struggle for survival in the perennial and frenetic chaos of our metropolis, think, instead, GR1PS. And he has well whence.

It is a brand whose background is none other than that of the athletes of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. For them, GR1PS has been making technical clothing for years and in particular the kimono, bringing the taste (with success, becoming a reference brand) and the Italian fit (it is the hallmark of Treviso).

A beautiful day a couple of years ago they said: Why don't we dress the athletes even when they don't fight? From there to the first real lifestyle collection The step was short. In fabrics and performance and technical Lycra, the garments are designed as a function of comfort. "The dress code is changing-says sure Damiano Binardi, sales manager of the brand-today there is a desire for comfort."

The Athlovers Project

Of the Athlovers project are also part 42.54 (Belgium) and Dyne (United States).

The first was founded by two girlfriends, athletes gold medalists at the Beijing Olympics. It is fashion oriented and from the rebellious mood.

The watchword of the second is Fashion meets technology. On the other hand, his background is very respectable. The founder is Christopher Bevans who has important collaborations like the one with Nike. So wonder if the collection is inspired by a super-contemporary dynamism.

I have to say that these collections exert a particular fascination on me. What about you? Are you ready to replace the wool coat or the corduroy trousers with their lightweight lycra descendants and stretch fabrics, which do not make sweating in summer or freezing in the winter and adapt to moisture and body heat?

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