Fashion Podcast, Introduction

Fashion Podcast, Introduction

The fashion without (too many) frills. News, reflections, comments. Voices from the fashion system

Talk about fashion without images? Why not? Let's try to detoxify from this bulimia of photos and selfie and focus on content through fashion podcasts. You want it?

So welcome to the first episode of the fashion podcasts of Myenglishmood. Why a podcast? After all we are in the century of the image, or not? But I have as the impression that it is coming to a sort of overdose from images and sooner or later could come a crisis of rejection. The Podcasts (the same is true of course for fashion podcasts) are an evolution of radio. They have the same qualities but in addition you can download and then listen again as many times as you want, at the time you want etc.

As for me I must admit that I am not so comfortable in the world of image. I tried eh, but it's not really in my ropes. My core business to say so remains writing and storytelling, since I am born as a journalist, and talking to a microphone is not so much different from writing.

Fashion and image

A fashion podcast may seem a contradiction in terms: fashion is image by definition, not at all Instagram is the master... However, I do not know you but I sometimes feel overwhelmed, lost in a swirl or better chaos of images that make me a little ' lose the thread, distract me, keep me on the surface. I also thought: Have you ever seen that talking about fashion without images could be useful to fashion itself? 

There are already interesting experiences. Nobody seems to me yet in Italy. The idea of this fashion podcast, therefore, is to provide elements of reflection and confrontation, also making experts speak and personalities. Or at least that's the intention. If you are interested stay connected and maybe subscribe to the blog to make sure you do not miss any bets. 


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