Inside the success of Gucci. The word to Marco Bizzarri

Inside the success of Gucci. The word to Marco Bizzarri

The change of culture and aesthetics within the company explained by Marco Bizzarri, Ceo of Gucci, in the interview with Business of Fashion

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I imagine that you too sometimes asked yourself about the reasons of the resounding and seemingly unstoppable success of Gucci. That today is the fashion brand that grows faster than ever. A growth of 50% per year for a brand already at the top is almost a thing never seen.

To understand it (as always) perhaps it is good to go to the source and hear what has to say he who is one of the two creators of such success: Marco Bizzarri, Ceo of the Maison (the other as you know is the Creative Director Alessandro Michele). Some days ago Marco Bizzarri was interviewed by Business of Fashion During a charitable initiative in London. To interview him was Imran Amed, founder of Bof.

The interview is in English and you can listen to it on the website BoF. Given, however, that not everyone knows English and since it is a very hot topic, especially after the fashion show At the latest Fashion Week the one withthe severed heads to be understood), there propose a version "interpreted" by me, with the salient points of things said by Marco Bizzarri. Ranging from his vision of fashion and luxury, passing through the salient moments of his professional career before Gucci, up to his expectations for the future of the brand.

Passion and risk

The key words are passion and risk. The question is not, he says Bizzarri, what I want to do but because I want to. Do things because you believe it all the way through and, therefore, take the risk of even making mistakes; Have an open mind and the taste of curiosity; Do not be afraid to take a position, it is no longer time to be neutral (that's why Gucci donated thousand dollars to the promoters of the march against Arms in the United States). "The idea of changing the approach to luxury and the culture of Gucci is the real reason that led me to accept the assignment."

For a change of culture, Bizzrri intends to move from a ' culture of fear ' to a ' culture of empowerment '. And this change is also reflected in the way the brand approaches consumers because this way of being authentic and passionate and ' joyful ' is what attracts consumers the most. The point, according to Bizarre, is that a company should be evaluated not (only) because it has a good product. Today every single company is a media company, it is connection, interaction, involvement. Intriguing, surprising, creating the unexpected is what characterizes Gucci and creates a high level of engagement with people.

The formula of success

There is no formula for success. Maybe, quips the Ceo of Gucci. «If there is a formula is to be open minded, have confidence in other people's abilities and restrict your ego. You always have to remember where you come from. And I come from a small town in Italy, where I try to return every week end. This helps to get back to the basics of real life. '


Happy Week!

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