Pepe Jeans and Ernesto Artillo, when identity is an art

Pepe Jeans and Ernesto Artillo, when identity is an art

The special collaboration between the brand Pepe Jeans and the Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo: A surreal and provocative photographic set *

Who are we? Or rather, who am I? Am I the one who comes out of the race in the morning to go to work (or to school or to shop) or the one that appears in selfie on Instagram or posing on Facebook? Maybe both? In the era of social networks more and more real reality and virtual reality merge, but always remains a fund of uncertainty, of doubt. Even in ourselves. Around these questions revolves the special collaboration between Pepe Jeans and Ernesto Artillo, famous Spanish artist, photographer and art director who signs the campaign for the spring-summer 2018 collection.

Artillo has taken the essential garments of the collection of Pepe jeans (t-shirts, jeans, dresses) – which for another takes inspiration from the art world – and has built around a provocative photographic set, at times surreal but also fun, of sure effect Alienated with the obvious intent to arouse questions. and reflect on one's own image, how it is perceived by others and how we perceive it ourselves, in a continual reference between seeing and being seen.

Alienating effect

The models – Rodrigue Durard and Freya Lawrence – are portraits hanging from crutches, deformed by a mirror, without face or without arms, framed or standing on a pedestal like a statue or a painting. Or, still, surrounded by disturbing human figures, with the same face (feint) and at the foot the overshoes that are used in hospitals. It brought me back to the operating room and the severed heads of Gucci And even there it was the crucial theme of identity.

The same that Artillo puts at the center of his work in this photographic campaign. An invitation not to remain on the surface, not to stop at the first glance and, above all, not to let others decide who we are. «The Internet – explains the artist in the presentation video of the capsule – is full of faces. Faces that are repeated continuously with similar poses and unclear intentions of what you want to express. Millions of selfies with the intent to please the other disconnettendoci by ourselves. ' In this way, however, warns the photographer, "let the others see us in the way they like, distorting our image as they please".

A deadly sin, it seems to say Artillo, because «One's identity is the best work of art that can be created in life. Let's start afresh, from a white canvas. We delimitate our body and redefine the space we need. '

Made to Create

And fashion, from this point of view, is a powerful tool to redefine your identity or even create it. and to affirm "who we are", against everything and everyone. Not by chance the collection of Pepe Jeans has a precise wire: Made to Create.

Ben knows Ernesto Artillo who is not at all new to collaborations with important fashion brands. Has indeed worked among others with Dolce and Gabbana, Swarovski, Delpozo, Harvey Nichols and Mango. His works have appeared on design/fashion magazines and art books on an international level and exhibited in St. Petersburg, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Beijing.

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