Fashion Trend//"speaking clothes": words, applications, logos

Fashion Trend//"speaking clothes": words, applications, logos

Started in the Sixties, the fashion trend of the so-called "talking clothes" has never disappeared completely but today it knows a new revival. Between slogans, words and Logomania, here are the 5 best look to copy.

In the beginning were the T-shirts. The use of words and slogans dates back to the Sixties. The fashion trend of the "talking clothes", even between ups and downs, has never completely disappeared, although in the last few seasons it has returned to prominence. Continue reading and you'll find out which are the top 5 Look to copy.

The first designer to use the "talking clothes" in key to "propaganda" as political posters and social vindication was Katharine Hamnett: Famous the maxi T-shirt with which, with a stratagem, was able to show up to an interview with the then British premier Margaret Thatcher To protest against the installation of American nuclear missiles on English territory. It ran the year 1984 and this photo literally made the tour of the world. 

Fashion trend talking clothes
Katherine Hamnett and Margareth Thatcher in 1984

"Political" speaking clothes

After her, only another extraordinary designer made a "political" and constant use of the talking clothes: Vivienne Westwood. The awareness campaigns of the Queen of Punk were many and numerous and all very successful. They shared music stars like Mick Jagger, Madonna, David Bowie, Bob Geldof, George Michael or supermodel as Naomi Campbel

Fashion trend talking clothes
Vivienne Westwood and the campaign "I am not a terrorist"
Fashion trend talking clothes
Naomi Campbel wears the Westwood slogan

To bring back the prepopentemente speaking clothes to the fore was, more recently, Maria Grazia Chiuri. To his first collection for Dior, the stylist has brought out on the catwalk simple white T-shirts with a feminist writing making a lot of noise (it was almost talked more about his shirts talking than the rest of the collection).

Fashion trend talking clothes
The feminist Chiuri t-shirt for Dior

Like any fashion trend, even this, however, has evolved and evolves over time. And of course, every stylist reinterprets her in her own way. Deserves a quote one of the most intriguing and discussed designers of the moment, Demna Gvasalia. His are pure non-sense; Do not carry forward any cause; They're not captions.

Fashion trend talking clothes
Vetements, AW2016

Gvasalia manages to be unconventional in this too. Provocative to the point of bringing on the catwalk a "simple" yellow T-shirt that reproduces the logo of DHL, known brand of shipments (to the delight of its CEO who took advantage immediately sfoggiandone one). His way of bringing "true" life into that "pretend" of fashion.

Fashion trend talking clothes
Vetements, SS 2016

before him Jeremy Scott, in 2014: his first collection for Moschino It was an explicit reference to the American consumer culture.

Fashion trend talking clothes
Moschino, 2014

Fashion trend talking clothes

Fashion trend: Slogans, emoticons, logos

Today words, writings, slogans, emoticons etc. are everywhere. Not just on shirts, but on shoes, on bags, on trousers, on sleeves, on belts, on cuffs, on hats. They like to the point that Vetements's "DHL" T-shirt, to say, has been exhausted in a few hours.

Fashion trend talking clothes
Versace, 2016

Fashion trend talking clothes

The fact is that wearing one of these clothes talking the consumer It feels part of a community, of a tribe, with which it shares values and philosophy of life: Katharine Hamnett said that theNdossarne One

It's like making yourself a brand.

No need to talk. LOr slogan allows you to "have a voice" and to take a stand, to "align" and to let it know around. Maybe to "emerge." or more simply serves ourselves to gratify us and/or to make us notice and draw attention to us. Because the writing on the clothes can Have an immediate meaning or not have it at all. PThey bone to be tied to fashion or not. Pbe culturally relevant or totally irrelevant. I mean, everything and its opposite. The beauty is just that: Everyone can give their own interpretation.

Fashion trend talking clothes
Dolce & Gabbana, FW 2017


So the designer regains the consumer

We know that our brains naturally tend to look for meanings. That is why our attention is immediately attracted by a drawing or a word. The designers have understood it very well and for this they are now broad use. They have also understood very well that the increasingly elusive and unloyal consumer of today must be reconquered every day and the best way to do it is not to offer him a new product (we have the wardrobes full...) But propose a story, evoke a desire. Storytelling is also done. 

Just a word and the designer transmits his own message, his own vision of the world directly, without any mediation, builds his own community of reference, a communion of people who share the same values and therefore identify with That brand (Faithful Restandogli...).

For a while, the talking clothes have taken over the brand logo, which was strong in the Nineties. Now, the logo is regaining its space with a new logomania. The fashion trend, therefore, is enriched and there is an embarrassment of choice.

Five look to copy

And then here are the five best looks of talking clothes to copy from the spring-summer 2018 collections.


A very colorful, cheerful, pop collection. In a word: young.

Fashion trend talking clothes


Dangerous, as what awaits us. It's the time we live in. And fashion has to do that.

(Demna Gvasalia)

Fashion trend talking clothes


To all celeste, a perfect color for the beautiful season! It makes you think of the spring sky and the sea. It gives serenity, don't you think?


Distinctive trait: contrasts. Fanciulleschi Dreams and Punk revivals.


For the bravest (PVC and vinyl are two other trends of the moment...)

Balmain fashion trend talking clothes

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Happy Week!

... and remember: Age does not matter 


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