2018 Summer long dresses, the 20 most beautiful seen on the catwalk

2018 Summer long dresses, the 20 most beautiful seen on the catwalk

holidays are approaching and I bet you are already wondering what to pack. Then inspire yourself to the finest 20 2018 summer long dresses

We saw them on the catwalks several months ago and we couldn't wait to wear them. And finally we are. Even if the summer is making you wait. What to put in your suitcase for the holidays, then? Surely you can't miss one of the wonderful 2018 Summer long Dresses Like those seen during the fashion ready-to-wear shows this fall.

The long dress has the unquestionable value to make you feel beautiful and desirable and elegant. Alone is enough to give a chic effect to the look, with simplicity (though not always...). Plus it has the advantage of being comfortable (usually). And, last but not least, it lets see only the best of our body!

so, here are the best 20 2018 summer long dresses, to which you can inspire and that you can copy choosing from your favourite brands.



Romantic, tropical, three-dimensional, printed, applied, embroidered. As long as they are flowers! One of the seasonal trends for the 2018 summer long dresses are just the flowers.


Sparkling, to shine under the stars

Glitter and sequins are a must as far as evening hours. But by now they have also been cleared for the day, as long as they are not exaggerated. Some models of 2018 summer long dresses can be worn, with the right combinations, even in the late afternoon, for an aperitif in the Piazzetta.


Sporty but chic (and sexy as well...)

The sporty style is a must. These dresses retake elements of sportswear, but do not lose their charm.


Happy Week!

... and remember: Age does not matter

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