Handbags Alviero Rodriguez: Must have summer 2018

Handbags Alviero Rodriguez: Must have summer 2018

The Alviero Rodriguez handbags anticipate fads and trends. Customizable, modern and accessible are the must of summer 2018

The adventure is the defining element of the life of Alviero Rodriguez. And just an adventure is the project of the Alviero Rodriguez handbags, Born less than a year ago and already a phenomenon in this summer 2018. A success result of determination, commitment and discipline. But it also took curiosity and study of the new technologies, united to an international culture fruit of its restless living (Alviero Rodriguez is native of the Philippines) to get to design an original product both in terms of design and of the production technique.

Creativity and speed

The designer has chosen Italy, Naples in particular, to live and work. Here he recovered the manufacturing art and the Local artisan Tradition Enriching it with its creativity and entrepreneurial ability. The Alviero Rodriguez handbags are therefore an unexpected crossroads of tradition and innovation. The skin is hand-sewn, while the most modern techniques are used for printing. Even the Production process is at the forefront. It allows great flexibility and speed of realization without having to follow the traditional times of the collections. And, not to be underestimated, to maintain a Great value for money. Above all, each bag can be Customizzated: Just choose the model and send your own design or image and you're done.

Creativity and "Socialness"

Alviero Rodriguez handbags are the phenomenon of summer 2018 also because in a few months has reached immediately a position of prestige, Earning hundreds of thousands of followers on various social networks. It is a modern business model based on the analysis of social media data through a proprietary set of predictive algorithms. Without forgetting, of course, the graphic creativity, the chromatic effects, the "positivity" of the colors, that transmit Joy, Carefree and cheerfulness As it was in the designer's intentions.

Precious talents: handbags, perfumes, jewellery

Alviero Rodriguez handbags were presented during one of the "In Town" events within the calendar of Altaroma, the high fashion event of the capital that closed on Sunday, July 1. This is "Bijou & Jewels... KM0 Kilometroitaly", organized by the association"Officine di Talenti Preziosi"(of which I'll talk in a next post). In the central Piazza di Pietra in front of the magnificent Temple of Hadrian, and in collaboration with the Tonatto perfumery and the Salotto 42, a real emotional path has been set up. A visual and olfactory journey – made of perfumes, handmade jewellery, handbags – to evoke culture, landscapes and traditions of made in Italy. Above all, to rediscover and enhance the roots and to carry them into the future.

For the occasion, Alviero Rodriguez has created a special edition bag, while each bag model has been matched with a different perfume.

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