Next Trend: Viola Ambree and the other magnificent Nine

Next Trend: Viola Ambree and the other magnificent Nine

In the Altaroma calendar "Next Trend", the appointment organized by Intesa San Paolo with the ten brands promise of Italian fashion *.

The summer edition of Altaroma It really closed in beauty, under the title of Next Trend. The last appointment with the high fashion Capitolina, in fact, was the parade of ten emerging Italian brands organized by Intesa San Paolo (as already in February in Milan). The banking group for the occasion has made available the historic headquarters of Via del Corso.

In the wake of the "sharing economy", the idea-was explained-was to share the creativity and, above all, the emotions. And so, the first of July on the white walkway that, for once, has replaced tables, desks and computers have marched ten promises of Italian fashion.

Next Trend: The Magnificent Ten

Brand all Italians, young designers but also not, because it is not the age that counts but the ability to innovate and innovate, to create new things and arouse new emotions. In Order of Exit were:

  • Yezael (founded by Angelo Cruciani in 2014 between Shanghai and Milan);
  • Gilberto Calzolari (which in January took part in the first edition of Altaroma Showcase And we've talked about Here);
  • Purple Ambree (by Viola Campana, designer already established in the world of jewellery);
  • Caterina Moro (Roman designer);
  • Kissa (Line of minimalist beachwear);
  • Laura Wacky (Passionate designer of contemporary art, design and theatre, he founded his brand Green in 2012);
  • The Butterfly (from boutique to clothing brand, passing through accessories and beachwear);
  • Aroma30 (brand born between Rome and London in 2010, has already participated in two editions of Altaroma Showcase);
  • Jmonteiro (Jenny Monteiro for twenty years in Italy where she worked for large Italian fashion houses and for tailoring Brancato on costumes for La Scala, founded her brand in 2012);
  • Es ' Givien (Project born 10 years ago from an idea of three Sisters of Verona.

Violet Ambree, pret-à-Couture

To Purple Ambree It is certainly one of the défilé that has most affected us during Next Trend, even if all ten really deserve to be told. The stylist presented a collection that if it is not haute couture little we miss. That view paraded was a woman-goddess, enveloped in white and gold garments, finely embroidered and decorated. Elaborate brocaded, jacquard and crystals enriched dresses with medieval and Renaissance inspiration.

A queen, in short, but first of all of herself, of her desires; Creator of his own destiny. Not for nothing the collection is titled "Hypatia" and is inspired by Hypatia of Alexandria, philosopher, astronomer and Greek mathematics lived in the fourth century. Feminist ante litteram, courageous, cultured and independent woman, paid with her life her desire for freedom, finishing barbarously murdered and torn to pieces by a group of fundamentalist Christians.

Viola Campana, the designer behind the brand, is of Lithuanian origin, naturalized Switzerland and manufactures in Italy and his atelier is in Rome (when it is said to open the borders). He founded his brand in 2 ' 012 after being noticed as a designer of jewellery and watches and after obtaining a master in Couture at the Academy of Costume and fashion.

Its can be defined as a Pret-à-couture, characterised by a sophisticated and refined elegance, refined in fabrics and embroidery (created on the same designer's design), which draws on traditional tailoring techniques but at the same time knows how to be Contemporary. Attention to details, embroidery and fine fabrics, skill and precision tailoring are therefore the heart of this brand.

Luxury and sustainability

A Next Trend purple Ambree has proposed a complete line of clothing and women's accessories, which are easily matched and tradable. Her outfits are made of "pieces", assembled together and layered: "From a single outfit they can make another ten – explained the designer when we met her in Rome – and this is important. When a woman travels it is essential that she has in her suitcase a total look that is modified, in order to always create a new outfit. And ' This is also very convenient: do not need many things.

Viola Ambree also has a green soul, which is certainly not faulty. Because the idea of Viola Campana is also that of recycling and recovery of the many clothes forgotten in the closet: "I look at sustainability, even economic: why spend more money? You can follow the fashion by updating the clothes we already have».

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The video of the Purple parade Ambree to "Next Trend"


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