About Me

Welcome to my personal style gym. When I opened this blog I had no idea where I'd come from. I have experienced, I have studied, I have sought inspiration. But soon I realized that this blog lives in its own life: it evolves itself; Guide me; You change under my hands without me realizing it. And I'm changing with him! The blog is the other part of me, the extrovert and creative, who experiences and dares, coming out of the (own) schemes. And where better than fashion, which always knows how to anticipate the times and indicate the way? It is true that the dress does not make the monk, but it is also true the opposite, or not?  In short, the trends, the styles are such when they adapt to our personality, when we can make them become ours and only ours, mixing and matching. Just like when we try a dress in front of the mirror, we look for the right combinations, try and try again. In an attempt to "get out of the group." The important thing is not to be afraid to go against the tide and get a mustache of the years that pass.

As for me, I live in the countryside, cultivate the garden, I like to read, write (I am journalist) I love nature and animals: I have two dogs, two cats and I do bird watching. I detest the conformity and approval; I don't like to follow Fashion (Elegance is another thing)That make us all the same and indistinguishable. Fashion in my opinion? Originality, taste, style. and fun: Never take yourself too seriously! This will be why I appreciate the English style (hence the name of the blog), which knows how to be formal but at the same time eccentric; Chic but also witty; Casual and pure elegant. And that's why I like to look for original things, to discover new brands, maybe niche, that focus on the recovery of tradition, on the quality of materials and workforce, perhaps ethical and eco-friendly. The beautiful and well done, in short.

Thanks to those who follow me in this adventure. Feel free to leave comments, to express your judgement about what you like and also about what you do not like: I appreciate it very much!




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